andriol steroid

Andriol in bodybuilding: the description, application, price

Andriol steroid appeared on the market recently. Many athletes want to know more about it. Today will focus on the application and the dosage of the drug.

Recently, the market appears very few new anabolic steroids. Andriol can be attributed to this group. Of course, his youth is a very subjective concept, because the drug was developed in the 80s, while most steroids appeared two decades earlier. Besides andriol can be considered unique. However, methyltestosterone they are the most powerful derivatives of the male hormone, administered orally.

Andriol in bodybuilding

It is known that testosterone pure quite effective when administered orally. But testosteronundekanoat active substance, is the ultimate in Andriol, just really is. The fact is that after oral administration of testosterone immediately deposited in the liver and testosteronundekonoat absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines. It is very important fact is the complete security of Andriol for the liver. Of course, this should be done all the recommendations, which contains the instructions for use.

Andriol steroid


Testosteronundekanoat itself is a complex compound of a fatty acid ester. Once in the body, it is almost completely converted into dihydrotestosterone – a breakdown product of the male hormone. This entails a very weak effect aromatization Andriol that automatically excludes the possibility of gynecomastia or increased accumulation of fat. Thus, Andriol has become an excellent alternative to injectable drugs based on testosterone.

This feature of the drug used by athletes for drying. Also steroid fairly quickly excreted from the body, which undoubtedly makes it even more attractive for use in preparation for the race.

Andriol – side effects

Essentially, the drug is perfectly safe. However, this applies to male athletes. Available online reviews about the drug say that women should not use it. This is due to a background decrease of estrogen in the body. More info

Steroid can cause an increase in blood pressure and increase development hypersexuality fluid retention. When receiving Andriol men may face an increased erection. On the other side-effects no information.

Action Andriol

As mentioned above, the drug quite rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and into the blood directly. The peak levels of testosterone in the body begins two hours after admission, and kept on during the day. The mechanism of effects on the body and the effects of the drug are similar to other steroid androgen group. Among the main are the following:

  • It increases bone density.
  • It increases the speed of bulking muscle tissue.
  • It contributes to the delay in the body of sulfur and nitrogen.
  • It increases libido.

Very often andriol start using athletes who have been in past courses have problems with flavoring agents. Application Instruction contains the information necessary to prevent adverse effects from a large amount of drug. Suffice it to take about 240 milligrams during the day. This can be done once in the morning or as divided doses two or three doses. See more

The drug is combined with most steroids. For a set of muscle mass best option would be a combination of Winstrol. It is also effective to use the drug in conjunction with the deck, replacing a part of the course on andriol Dianabol. This combination of drugs is absolutely safe for the body, and is perfect for beginners and those athletes who take care of their own health.


Andriol – price

Price of anabolic drugs ranges from 30 to 40 dollars per 30 capsules of 40 mg.