characteristics andriol

Comparative characteristics Andriol with other steroids

Andriol – active substance is testosterone undecanoate.

Release form and dosage Andriol.

It comes in the form of gelatin capsules of 40 mg. Unlike other kinds of testosterone – undecanoate is a more active form. This means that getting into the esophagus, testosterone undecanoate is very rapidly absorbed and then into the bloodstream almost bypassing the liver, this fact is an advantage because the drug has no negative effect on the liver. Initially andriol produced primarily for the treatment of potency, later the same drug also began to use in bodybuilding. Andriol has low anabolic activity, so in order andriol testocaps to achieve muscle growth have to use quite large dosages – 200 mg per day.

Side effects Andriol.

The drug is safe enough, as already mentioned is not toxic to the liver, and almost no time to aromatized when ingested. That is why it is usually consumed in large doses.

  1. In this case, any side effects from the drug is practically not observed, except that the enhanced erection, and a general increase in libido.
  2. However, just increasing the libido during the course andriol suppresses the production of testosterone your body, so it is possible after the end of the course will be useful to conduct a therapy to restore potency.
  3. This is usually used Proviron or gonadotropin, and even other drugs that you can see in the post-cycle recovery.

At our site you can buy quality product, as well as view still other different types of testosterone. Since Andriol is not exposed to flavoring, all the side effects of estrogen had no character. Of course, the absence of side effects is a big plus, but nevertheless the drug does not yet have a huge popularity in the bodybuilding. Read more

As already mentioned, Andriol relates to fast preparations two days later it exits from the body, which allows using predsorevnovatelnoy active steroid in the preparation.

It is believed that testosterone undecanoate is not very suitable for women, as it causes high blood pressure, acne, fluid retention and enhancement of male sexual characteristics.

We can say that andriol is very interesting and if you get creative, it is possible for someone would be the best option for training.