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Andriol in bodybuilding: Side effects and Reviews

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The drug is used in bodybuilding andriol recently, from the late 80s of the last century. It is an anabolic steroid, the active substance – testosterone undecanoate. Produced in capsules and injections, used most often in oral form. Reason – quite low compared with other similar substances, toxicity to the organism and expressed displays flavoring. In the women’s sport is not used, although the medicine is sometimes prescribed for abnormally high levels of estrogen, uterine cancer, and a number of other diseases.

Action Andriol

Digested in the stomach, it enters the bloodstream almost instantly. The maximum level of testosterone after taking the drug fixed in 2 hours, and then, during the day it falls. It is believed that the drug is rapidly excreted and does not manifest itself in the doping control because andriol in bodybuilding is quite widespread.

Action Andriol manifests itself as a normal androgenic anabolic steroid:

  • increases bone density;
  • increases muscle mass;
  • delays in the body of nitrogen and sulfur, thereby enhancing the synthesis of protein;
  • increases libido.

In women, estrogen drug reduces background and leads to manifestations of masculinization in bodybuilding for them it is not used.

In fact andriol a prohormone. It is converted to dihydrotestosterone in the body, and even gives certain advantages, practically does not aromatize. Andriol bodybuilding

In practice andriol bodybuilding begin to take those athletes who have already experienced the negative manifestations of flavoring – a sharp decline in the level of testosterone and gynecomastia.

Testosterone undecanoate is being promoted as the best anabolic steroid, but for the effect it should take in high dosages, as the substance has a low bioavailability.

How to take andriol

In each case, like taking Andriol in bodybuilding should be determined individually. The problem is that the therapeutic dose (10 mg per day, for those who have reduced their own level of sex hormone) do not fit athletes of power sports. They had virtually no impact on the appearance. In common practice, the dosage of 240 mg daily allowances, one-time fee in the morning, or in the form of 2-3 doses during the day.

Side effects

Often write that andriol bodybuilding does not cause problems. In practice, at high doses, the following side effects – acne frequent erections, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, water retention. All of this is critical for competing athletes, because drug use or in conjunction with other forms of injectable steroids, or do not use. The list of contraindications include high blood pressure, heart, kidney and liver failure and cancer.

Reviews Andrioli

Reviews Andrioli Considering reviews Andriol bodybuilding, you will notice that it is used mainly by those who are just beginning to use steroids. The people are of the opinion that it is safer than injections. This, incidentally, is refuted by experts in the subject, and they are constantly indicate that a dose of 240 mg daily – is high, and can not go to the body without side effects.

Usually andriol used during the set weight, judging by the reviews on the use of bodybuilding, from a really large amount of water retained. The rest, as nowhere else to show individuality in action drugs – someone gaining muscle well, others do not see the results, others are compared with the classical “course”, and not in favor of Andriol. sample keto diet bodybuilding anabolic tablets supplement diet for bodybuilding.